Worst review ever?

Some random guy that works for a San Francisco news site decided to give a review on Watch The Throne:

Kanye West and Jay-Z spent years battling to become the King of Rap. They now have joined to make “Watch the Throne,” which they bill as a triumph. In truth, they fail. The CD is a catalog of all that’s wrong with rap: chest-beating braggadocio, bombastic beats, foulmouthed bad rhymes.

Rating: *

Yeah, that’s the whole review.  Forget the fact that the ‘review’ came over a month after the album was released.  Or the fact its in the business section of the site instead of entertainment.  Or the fact he ‘reviews’ stuff from other genres in the same article and gives them all better ratings.

People actually get paid to do this…

Okay, after almost a week…

I can say I like Watch The Throne.  I came to this conclusion realizing that I can listen through the entire thing (bonus tracks too) without feeling the need to skip, and for me that’s rare as hell.  I haven’t heard a non-skip album since maybe 2002.

No hypebeasting, no stanning, I’m just saying.  Plus, fuck is up with reviews saying they didn’t have chemistry?  I disagree.  They sounded especially dope together on “Gotta Have It.”

Anyways, waiting for Cole to drop now…